Hard Rock Cafe Madrid

Thank you Hard Rock Madrid by Mary Kay Maas

What a trip!  Thank you so much to everybody who came out to support us last night.  The exchange of energy during those 4 short songs was astonishing, amazing and something we will never forget.  All around, it was an incredible, learning-inducing adventure. While we didn't move on to the final round, we had a blast, met tons of new peeps, and can't wait to come back.  Congrats to April Five, keep on, guys, keep on, and Damon Robinson, good luck next round.  We want to say a special thanks to Paco González, and the sound and lights crew: Borja, Javier, and Miguel.  Gracias, gracias, gracias.  Os fuistéis más allá en todos los sentidos.  Un equipo de primera con mucho corazón.  Hasta la próxima. Now that we've tasted the sweetness of playing in the Capital, we won't be able to stay away too long.  See you soon!!!  (Memphis is off to enjoy a much deserved weekend off.)       

Hard Rock Rising 2015 "That Much" www.memphisbellemusic.com Composed by: Agustín Fernández Quiñones Melody and Lyrics by: Mary Kay Maas