3 of our Favorite Guys by Mary Kay Maas

3 of our favorite guys were nominated for AMAS this year (The Asturian Music Awards).  Congrats to Manuel Velasco nominated in Other Instruments, Sam Rodríguez, in Keyboard, and Titi Muñoz for his music video of the song "Paradise" of the group Last Days of Eden.  If you haven't had a chance to vote yet, head over to http://www.premiosamas.com/ and show them some lovin'!!!

3 de nuestros paisanos favoritos han sido nominados para AMAS este año.  Manuel Velasco en Otros Instrumentos, Sam Rodríguez en la categoría de Teclados y Titi Muñoz para su videoclip "Paradise" del grupo Last Days of Eden.  Si no has podido votar todavía, vete a la web http://www.premiosamas.com/ y enséñales un poco de cariño!!!