Based out of Asturias, Spain, Memphis Belle burst onto the scene in November 2014 with the release of their debut self-titled EP in a colorful musical affair with a consummate vocal that adventures through adult contemporary, vintage soul pop.  (How's that for a genre?)  They weave acoustic and electric flavors, with a patchwork of piano, harmonica, and saxophone. The authenticity of the lyrics and the depth of feeling oft make little hairs stand up and Memphis one of those bands you just have to experience live!!! 
Wisconsin-native Mary Kay Maas, has surrounded herself with worldly musicians to help her bring her lyrics and melodies to life.  Together with co-composer Agustín Fernández Quiñones since 2011, Memphis Belle were semi-finalists in 2013 in the Gijón Sound Festival, and the Asturian FestiAmas.  In 2014, they did it again in the Oviedo City Rock Contest.  Heading down to Madrid, in 2015, they were semi-finalists in Hard Rock Rising-Madrid.

Hot off their EP, "Lashes" was released on Big Fuss Records' Compliation CD "Artists to Watch in 2015".

Vocals, composer, lyricist / Mary Kay Maas
Guitar, composer / Agustín Fernández Quiñones
Bass / Rufino Vigil
Drums, cajón / Iris Martínez