Once upon a time a small town girl with a big town voice left Wisconsin and crossed the ocean.  Her dream was to discover the world, make it on her own, and live, really live.  She arrived on September 11th, 2001.  After the smoke had lifted back home, her family begged her to return, but despite the fear, she couldn't go home.  Not yet.  As it turns out, not ever. 

2013 Semi-Finalist Gijón Sound Festival

2013 Semi-Finalist FestiAmas Festival

2014 Semi-Finalist in Oviedo City Rock Contest

2015 Semi-Finalist in Hard Rock Rising - Madrid

2015 "Lashes" released on Big Fuss Records' Compliation CD

"Artists to Watch in 2015".

2016 Finalist in the 40 Principales Radio Contest - Asturias

2016 Signed to Music of the Sea Publisher - Los Angeles/Chicago

2017 horizonvu Female singer songwriter showcase, paris 

2018 the Objective Sessions for the Extreme Tour, Nashville.