This Vlog is on the move... by Mary Kay Maas

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Dearly beloved Trailblazers,

Allow me to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this community.  I love you and am forever grateful.  I've been doing some soul-searching and have realised that over the past year my efforts have become spread thin and ineffective.  I want to simplify and reach a bigger impact on the world.  1st step is re-vamping my website and moving my vlog to my Patreon page:  The "activity" stream is the same as the vlog and while I often posted on both, the time has come to consolidate.  I invite you to join my Orangesicle community on patreon.  You can become my patron for free or support me with $1 per creation/month.  It is a wonderful way to keep in touch and share on whatever level you choose.  I love you all and I bless you on your journey.  By the end of January 2015, this vlog will be fully transferred to Patreon and will be eliminated here.  

Orangesicle gratitude, 

Mary Kay


Self-Forgiveness All Around by Mary Kay Maas

Dear fellow-trailblazers,

How are you?  How has fall been treating you?  I know for some of you winter weather is already here!!!  We've been busy this month, releasing our first music video "Barbie Can't Stand Up", radio interviews, tv appearances, and in 2 weeks our big CD Release Concert.  It's been crazy and behind the scenes lots of meditating, gratitude journalling, EFT, and yoga.  :0)  In fact it was my yoga teacher, Fran, who caught me in a moment of self-judgement and touched my heart.  Have a look-see and leave a note below.  When was the last time you caught yourself in self-judgement?  How do you move into self-forgiveness?  

Fear of Failure to Vow of Imperfection by Mary Kay Maas

Dear fellow trailblazers,

I'm been writing this blog in my head for over two months now.  Missing you.  Missing our connection and communication and also keeping myself too busy to sit down and write it.  I had a million reasons to keep putting it off, tasks both important and menial, pressing, and distractions.  But in the end, I was just terrified of failing.  Of writing the wrong thing, of doing a crappy video, of what you might think of me.  I was feeling bad and amateur because I dedicate a few months each year exclusively to my summer program a.k.a. what pays the mortgage.  Fulfilling the teacher part of me while parking the artist in me, I've been judging myself into paralysis and silence.  As we are all human, and I bet you know a little bit about what I'm talking about, I thought, instead of continuing to chase my tail, I would "just do it" and let myself be bad, amateur, and imperfect.  There is a lot going on right now and we have no choice but to go with the flow, do the best we can, and vow to be imperfect.  In the end, everything turns out ok anyway, doesn't it.  What about you?  Was there a time recently or not-so-recently where you just couldn't get around to doing something that you knew needed doing?  How did you feel when you finally ate that frog?  Here's to our bravery, to our imperfections.  After all, if it means that much, we must be willing to fail.  And then get up and keep going.  

Sending love,  Mary Kay     

Join the List of LOVE and receive MK's EP "Up Until Now" as a gift!!! You can unsubscribe at any time and keep the EP for the journey. *
Join the List of LOVE and receive MK's EP "Up Until Now" as a gift!!! You can unsubscribe at any time and keep the EP for the journey.

Reflections on Recording by Mary Kay Maas

Dear Trailblazers,

***Thank you, sincerely, for sharing your journey with us by being part of the and Patreon communities.***

March was quite the month for us. How about you? Full of lesson after lesson and the opportunity to choose between believing in yourself or self-doubt, letting your monkey-mind run away with itself in anxiety or trusting your intuition, trying to control the process or surrendering. Expectations sneak up on us. Even those who like to think that we are "awake". Living our lives as much as possible in the moment, using every experience as "what is this trying to teach me?", and detaching from the outcome. Usually my only proof if I've truly detached is when the answer comes back no, I can say, "Huh. Interesting," to myself, and almost effortlessly, move on. More often than not, I need to take a few hours, days, or whatever is needed to recoup, feel my feelings, perhaps mourn, until I get back to my starting point of gratitude and awe. The vlog this month was recorded my 1st day of voice in the studio and the picture above was taken on the last day of recording harmonies. Thanks again for being there from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to share this album with you!!!!!

A Happy Birthday to me and PRESENTS for you!!! by Mary Kay Maas

Wow!  What a trip!  The last week or two I have been working my little fanny off to step out and up in a big way.  Truth. I was scared almost everyday.  Truth.  I kept stepping through the fear...

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Re-center, Re-fill, Sharpen Your Saw by Mary Kay Maas

What do you do when you feel "off"?  How do you get back to center?  Where do you go to re-connect with peace? Let us know below.  We love your comments.  We thank you for sharing our videos.  Without you we couldn't do what we do.