Empowerment: what it is and what it's NOT in 39 seconds by Mary Kay Maas

I had a little free time this weekend, a novelty in and of itself, and I came across a mess of photos and videos from the past several years, all thrown into various folders on my computer, waiting patiently for a rainy day, to be sorted out and put into an intelligible system.  Today was the day and to my surprise, I ran across a video I had made in 2010 talking about what empowerment is at its essence, and truly, what it is not.  It might ruffle some feathers because so many personal development experts declare "empowering others" as their life purpose and intention.  But I'm afraid that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.  One person cannot empower another.  We can only embrace and truly step into our own power.  Let me know what you think below.  Give us a shout out on facebook or twitter.  What is your take on empowerment?  Aren't we all equally powerful creatures?  Can we take another's power?  Can we give away our power?  How do you "empower" others in your life?