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Who is Magdalene Blue

A classically-trained singer and songwriter, Magdalene Blue has been on stage since she was 5 years old…

Chords are released in the white afternoon, and from the depths of some wounded Mississippi, a voice comes out that washes the wandering souls with clean tones of new foam.

Magdalene blue keeps in her throat the resonant history of any country.
Juan Luis Nepomuceno
Juan Luis Nepomuceno González,
Spanish Poet
A voice of great dynamics with a repertoire that ranges from the intimacy of singer-songwriter to rock, and expressiveness from comic to dramatic.

She uses her instrument with special warmth and timber in the central and low registers that transmits frankness and honesty.
Elena Pérez Herrero
Elena Pérez-Herrero
Professor of voice
Magdalene Blue’s performances consistently dazzle her audience with stunning vocals and exceptionally energetic stage presence!
Phil Cartwright​
Phil Cartwright
CEO Horizonvu music

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