The Path Less Traveled


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The Path Less Traveled

This single was Written and performed by Magdalene Blue, the music was performed by the band Sonámbulos. Magdalene Blue wrote this song based on her life and what she has learned about her journey as a whole. 

Magdalene feels she had to choose her Path and direction, because where she was going was not where she felt she was supposed to go. This song identifies with how and why she is now on the right Path in life. credits released August 28, 2021 drums: Iris Martínez bass guitar: Rufino Vigil (music), Fonso Pais (video) electric guitar: Agustín Quiñones acoustic guitar: Andy da Silva (music), Magdalene Blue (video) saxophone: Manu Velasco piano: Andrés Alonso back-up vocals: Gelete Coto, Manu Velasco, Fonso Pais song and lyrics: Magdalene Blue music production: Sonámbulos sound engineer: Andy da Silva