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“My musical journey, from a small-town in Wisconsin to international stages, has been a lifelong exploration of sound and self-expression.”. – Magdalene Blue

I grew up in the Wisconsin small town musical theater, local/school choirs, and vocal jazz traditions.  I played french horn, trombone, and baritone in band.  I performed in several ensembles in college (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire “Wisconsin’s Singing University” including their top choir, the honor a cappella group “Impromptu” (we made it to the Midwestern Regional Quarterfinals (aka the movie Perfect Pitch) and recorded an album (if you’re interested in hearing it and distributing it or doing something with it I’m sure the other 5 members would be very happy to collaborate). 

In 2004, I graduated college with a degree in Spanish Education.  I married that summer and moved to Spain.  Two years later out of loneliness and missing music, I signed up for guitar lessons and started secretly putting my poetry to chords and making up melodies.  In 2006, I started performing professionally with a couple different pop/rock cover and jazz duos (piano and guitar) in local bars and cafés in 2006.  In 2010 a friend and I formed a band, Memphis Belle.  At it’s biggest it was a 6-piece.  Guitar, bass, drums, I played the acoustic on some songs, a piano, and a saxophone/harmonica player.  

We recorded a 6 song EP in 2014, played regionally mainly, though made it to the Spanish national semi-finals in Madrid of Hard Rock Café’s annual new band competition and played at then famous Cavern in Liverpool.  In 2016 it was time to let go and go solo.  In 2017 I launched Magdalene Blue and recorded my first full-length album.  It was initially intended to be an acoustic demo but turned out well so as an an independent artist I decided to share it with the world as an album.  

In October I was invited to Paris to play in a Female Singer-songwriter Concert Series so I booked a mini-tour with two other dates and turned it into an album release mini-tour.  Over the holidays I booked a show in one of Madrid’s most famous jazz clubs and did it all again but with a jazz pianist.  Then in May I took a big leap and accepted an invitation to go to and perform in a showcase at the Objective Sessions in Nashville.  

It’s there that I met Will and Scott.  This summer I made it to the semi-finals in a Madison talent contest but I was out of the country for the next round and couldn’t accept.  It was fun singing back Stateside though.  Since I haven’t been performing much.  I have studied voice on and off my whole life but for 3 years now I have been consistently studying mainly classical voice with a professor of voice in Oviedo and it has changed everything for me.  I will no doubt be a student of voice until the day I die.  There is so much to learn


Magdalene Blue - I'm not giving up on you

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